Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Here comes the snow!

The shock of snow falling in Auckland was followed by tears of joy. People in Pukekohe, Western Springs and Downtown were extremely happy. What a day to remember. It hadn’t snowed in Auckland in forty years, making it the third time this century! Unlike Aucklander’s the people of the South Island were angry and upset. They were making a massive commotion because they had huge piles of snow and roads covered in ice to deal with.

The first rugby ball

A long time ago in the 1800s the rugby balls were made out of pigs bladder . The oval balls
were a nonstandard size because it depended on the right pig, if there was a big pig there would be a big ball but if there was a small pig there would be a small ball.

Monday, August 1, 2011

The Immersion assembly for Term 3

The first day of the term the bell rang we went into the hall the teachers were all dressed up. Mr Jacobson was dressed up in a Irish costume shouting “IRELAND!” “IRELAND!” Our topic this term is Keep Your Eye On The Ball. Because we are learning about the rugby world cup.

My favorite team was team four because there movie was funny. Mr Somerville was the funniest because he was acting as George Nepia how he was a ref and he took the ball and got a try .

I felt happy because our topic is Keep your eye on the ball. I felt like this term was going to be cool term.