Thursday, May 29, 2014

Science Road Show

                   Science Road Show

Today we got to go to the science road show at Tamaki College for $8.
I was excited to go there so I could see lots of new things and find lots of information.
It was 9:00 and it was time to head down to Tamaki college we had to miss Assemble because it was Friday and we went at 9:00 in the morning.

We got there and we had to go to Tamaki’s school hall, because that's where the show was.
A man from the Science Road Show came out and told us the rules before we went in
When we got inside we had to sit on down and watch the first show.

First they had lots of things to say and there were 2 gross thing that they talk about.They were talking about, poo and wee. They were teaching us what happens when when you eat something it goes to to your stomach and to your intestines, that's when the man pulled out intestines and said that's how long it is. He told us how it goes thru a small intestine and crushed the food and then the really big one and then it turns to poo or wee.

After that they told us that we can have a look around and look at some stuff.It was like an expo and I went and got my name done on  peace or plastic.There were lots of other stuff as well. It was time for the last show and we went and sat down. Unfortunately there was another school there so we had to sit on the left side.

They started the show and said that there were going to be some explosions.
First they came out with a plastic wall for safety and then a balloon and a little paper attached to it. second They told us to block our ears and then they lit the paper up “bang” it went. Then they said that we haven’t seen anything yet so they got a bigger balloon “bang” even louder I also felt the air push me back. Sadly that was the end and we had to go back to school.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

What we did learning in the science lab

Today we got learn in the science lab about sound, We had to match the sound waves until they were the same.The bigger the waves the lower the pitch and the thinner the wave the higher the pitch.
We had to pluck the string so you could see if the waves were big or small.

We also went on other science labs with lots of instruments like the drums, a pipe and a guitar.
I liked using the pipe. you had to listen to one of the pipe pitch sounds and try and find it on one of the pipes. When you looked at the pipes the longer ones had a low pitch and the shorter ones had a higher pitch .

Monday, May 12, 2014

What I did In the hoildays

In the holidays I went to the Easter show with my sister my brother in law my brother my nephew and my cousin. It was a nice and sunny day when my sister said do you want to go to the easter show, “I want to go.” I said. so I got ready as well as my brother and my cousin
I was excited because I have only been to it once.

We made it to the easter show and I saw lots of rides But first we had to get some coupons so we go on the rides. We all got twenty each, there were lots of rides to go but we wanted to go on the hurricane. So we went of gave them six tickets and hopped into a little plane, I was in the back by myself and I was scared that I might slip out. The ride started and It was going fast It was ok at first then I started slipping so I started holding onto the bar, but I was still slipping.
It finally stop and I was happy because I never fell out but I was a little dizzy.

We look around for another ride to go on, we saw the bumper cars so went to the bumper cars and had go. It was fun because I was hitting my brother and my cousin.
We went on the bumper car 2 times before me and my cousin started to get bored.
My brother wanted to stay but we said “naa”. So we look for another ride, we found a ride
It was a spinning one so me my cousin and my brother went to go pay.
I got inside as well a my cousin when we saw my brother standing outside we were saying he was scared.

The ride started up and it was going really fast, It was hard to put hand up.
I started to climb my seat, I was at the top when it started to slow down and when it stop I went straight to the ground but lucky I landed on my 2 feet. It was finished and my brother want to go back to the bumper cars, so we wanted for him to finish and then look for my sister.
I found my sister and they gave us some money to get something to eat, so we went and got us some chips and a drink. With the change it to 50 cents and played games to get money but We all failed.

We went inside a big place with lots of animals in it, it was smelly as well, but we still had a look.
I saw all sorts of animals like pigs, cows, sheep, goats and ponies.
We were finished and my nephew had a look to. It was time to go and so we went back home.

Friday, May 9, 2014

What we did at Badminton

Today 8th of may 2014 at 9:00 we had a lesson of how to play badminton.
I was sitting in class thinking it would be boring with my friends.
Because last time we had badminton it was boring because we had to hit the shuffles in a bin.

We walk in to the hall and our tutor was a man his name was Robbie I thought maybe it would be a bit better. To warm up we had a game of stuck in the mud, but instead of going under there legs we had to double high five them, I was pretty fun so It go even more better.
We had 3 rounds of stuck in the mud until we got to learn how to play badminton.

It was time and we lined up single file and got a racket then we had to do it again and get a shuttle. After that Robbie Told us about backhand and the forehand.
Next we had a go at doing for hand and it was easy we had 5 minutes till we changed.
We next did backhand but it was a bit harder, My high score was 20.
After that we had to do both forehand a backhand I thought it was easier than the other ones.

After we had practice that we had to get into a pair practice with 1 shuffle and hit it to each other.
It was fun because me a my partner were going for a long time, we had five minutes of that then we had a challenge. I thought maybe we would win, but when we played we lost faster than we thought. We had another go maybe this time we would win, but we still lost and my friend Jabez a Taniela won.

It was still fun and maybe next time I could try my best.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Immersion Assemble

Its 5th of may the first day of term 2, it hits 9:00 its time for the Immersion Assemble.
The assemble on the start of the term is different to all the other ones Because we have movies or a show from all teams. My team is team 5 because I'm a year 8.

The first team was team 1 they did a movie about the Zoo and what they did there.
At the the Zoo they were look around and looked at the equipment they use for the animal to keep them safe. Next they said tomorrow all of team 1 is going to the zoo and finding out what equipment they use for the animals and stuff so the animals can’t come out.

Team 2 was about flight and how planes and other things fly, what thing they use.
They had a big plane a small plane and pilot and a fury I thought it was weird.
But then the planes stopped and that's when the the fury used here wand to make the planes fly.

Team 3 one was about colours and happens when colours come together.
If colour went on white it would bounce away and if it went on black it would stay.

Team 4 was all about water and how heavy thing float on water and light things sink in water.
They we giving out chocolate fish for the people that can I answer their question.
I didn't answer any questions because I was too slow to put up my hand.

My team, team 5 was doing sound and they did a video about it.
They all hand instruments They had a big loud horn thing I liked that one.
The instrument they had made them their self from scraps.