Friday, February 22, 2013


One afternoon Ben really needed some food so he went fishing he had a life jacket for safety. The seas were spraying clothes flapping clouds racing you can see the trees swaying flying leaves flying.

Ben sees a really big storm he still fishes the he goes home then there's breaking news.
The biggest storm ever according to scientist and more powerful than ever destroying 50 000 homes.

He goes back fish thinking that the storm isn't that big then suddenly a big wave comes crashing washing him a way knock out luckily hes got a life jacket .
Final he wakes up “where am I”. stranded on a I a island the good thing was that there was lots of fruit. He finds a house made in 1746 there was a bed and tin food but all he wanted was to come home.

Suddenly he found the best thing ever a boat so he packs lots of food and sails back home. 5 years later he finds a island he looks and it new Zealand right where he got smashed by the waves
My name is Jayden
I am of average height and solid build.
I have five siblings, 3 sisters and 2 brothers.
Lover of cats, drawing, computer games and sport.
I have a fear of heights and spiders.
Who needs lots of friends.
I help my church by altar serving and singing with the youth.
I would like to see France.
I am a resident of Glen Innes.
My middle name is Phoenix.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

waitangi day

Yesterday I woke up early to go fishing but then my mum looked at the tied and it was low so my dad and I had to wait. feeling impatient I went on my Ipod touch and played minecraft, I was building a massive 4 story house and at the top was a diving board. After that I made a little house that could float on the water and cabins on the land like Percy Jackson's.

Finally the tide was right so my dad and I looked for a place to go fishing. we went to Pt England but it was crowded with people . Then we went Glendowie and Mission Bay but they were also crowded. My head dropped my arms died as we went back home, "this stinks" I said to my Dad . When we went back home I took off my shoes, went on my bed and started playing minecraft again, I built a big mansion with wood. Finally at 6:25 my Dad came into my room and said we were going to try again. I chucked my Ipod on the bed and ran to the car. all of a sudden my world ended. Warning of a tsunami had come.

Monday, February 11, 2013

me and zyrins goals

This is Jayden and Zyrin goals

Jayden's self portrait

                                          This is my self portrait that I made by hyper studio