Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I like to play a game called Aqworlds it stands for adventure guest worlds, its a game with fighting and killing. When you first start you can chose to be a warrior a healer a mage or a rogue, when you get more money you can be other things like a ninja. If you want to have money you have to do guest
or kill monster, sometimes when you fight monsters you get free weapons like a sword.

This game is really additive you also can do pvp it means player vs player I versed my friend and I died. This game is cool because I can play with my friends I'm a level 11. If you ever play you can add me my name is killer jayden its. The best place to fight monsters is arcangrove you can go to shops and buy weapons and amor.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The weekends

In the weekends my sister my god father and my nephew came up to Auckland for a holiday.
We got to go to silver park to get our free cokes with our names on it I had Jayden on my coke.
After that we all went to the pools we were playing tag I was to fast for them they couldn't catch.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Holiday

In the holidays me and my sister went to the movies to watch diary of a wimpy kid dog days.
When we got to the movies we got our tickets and went into the game room and started playing games. I was playing on the console were you can get  lollies I had lots. Then I was playing I
game were you can get bounce balls and I got 5.

We finally got to go but we got an ice cream first the we went the movie theater I was eating my ice cream. Finally the movie came on and we were watching the movie it was lots of fun watching it.
There were funny parts when greg jump of the diving board and his pants came of, and when rodrick
was hiding in the bin. It was funny when rodricks band were playing a party and they didn't sound good and her party was ruined .