Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My story part 1

These rocks are no ordinary rocks in the day they stay there as a fine piece of work.
In the night that's when it all changes they turn into horrible which, they forge thru the city. Taking peoples staff setting fires to houses and kidnapping little kids then turning them into stone.
Every Time they turn people into stone they get bigger and stronger there only saviour is Khi Khi.

Friday, May 10, 2013

The day came to my school

Today we went to a special assembly in our hall, Mr Burt said we had a special guest.
When we were in the hall there were lots of tv cameras around so I was wondering who it was.
Then Mr Burt came into the hall and said it was Will.I.Am from the black eyed peas I was excited.
We had to wait longer because he was stuck in traffic so we sang strive to succeed.

Finally he made it wait for him to come threw the door, then suddenly he came through the door.
Walking down the middle feeling excited, then the Kapa Haka ground did their dance the next was the hip hop. The dances were finished and Mr Burt introduced Will.I.Am.

He went up and he was talking about his life he said that he was really poor and he didn't know his father and he said that people like him normally go to prison but then he found music.
He was talking about science and that he was going to go back to school to focus on technology.

Then all the schools came up and Will.I.Am gave us 100,000 dollars everyone was cheering.
Then the Hallensteins brothers gave Will.I.Am a piece green stone meaning that he was strong.
After that he went back to his seat and we sang strive to succeed.

Thank you Lukis for proof-reading my writing.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


In the holidays I went to rainbows end for my cousins birthday. When we were waiting to go to rainbows end it was pouring down with rain, my cousin’s dad said that if it doesn't go away that we had to pick another thing to do we all decided on laser strike.

It stopped raining so we went to rainbows end when we got there we got a little pack of snacks. We went to the counter to pay for entry, it cost 390 dollars but we still went because it was my cousins birthday.

First we went to the bumper cars it was fun I bumped off every one. The next ride we went to was the gold rush I got really wet but it wasn't that scary. Then we went to the movie place, our chairs moved around and we watched a movie. The one we went to next was one of my favourites the bumper boats its awesome!!!

My favourite rides were the Invader, it spins around and goes wavy it gave me butterflies I went on 4 times. My second favourite was the Power Surge it swings you around like a doll. My third one was the fearfall it brings you up really high and then makes you fall straight down Remember to look down if you want a surprise.

Thanks to Mr. Hutchings for proof-reading my writing.