Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Olympic event

Basketball was first played with a soccer ball it is a summer olympic sport for a very long time, ever since 1936, but women's basketball has only been played in the olympics since 1976.
America is the most successful country in olympic basketball because they have won so many medals and they have had a had 7 time streak . The first olympic basketball tournament was played on an outdoor tennis court in 1936 and the first indoor tournament was played at the 1948 london olympic games, the second time london held the games .

If you would like to play basketball all you need is a basketball a basketball hoop and a basketball court. In a professional game you need foul markers you have to have branded basketball shoes. You also need a partner knee pads and a safety gear . There are no traveling and there are no shouldering, holding, striking, pushing, or tripping in any of an opponent.


“AAA ACHOO” damn not again I made a hole in the wall it happens every day even at school.
I sneeze so bad that I broke my own netbook and 3 Imacs at the same time. At school people
don’t like to seat next to me just incase I send them to a different country, like one person, I sent him to France.“ AAA ACHOO” “nooooooooooooooooo not the TV I can never live without that why why do you have to do
this to me”.

Did you know that I made the big tsunami in japan it was accident I almost went to jail but I was only nine.When I was 0 years old I made the twin towers collapsed and made the earthquake in christchurch I didn't mean to. My sneezing even goes back in time thats how we beat the germans in world war 2 but no one knows that.So my sneezing not so bad at all only in some staff but I made the world war 2 end but only that.

Sometimes when I go fishing I kill the fish and my dad thinks he catches them but I wouldn’t want to eat if i was him. when we eat I have I special room where I can eat, so I don't sneeze on there food. I have no friends so I have know one to play with so I’m always lonely even my parents don’t like me they tried to sell me but know one likes me.

I'm going to the doctor now “doctor doctor open the door” “AAA ACHOO”. here we go doctor it seems that I have the biggest sneezes in the world. Doctor can you help me to solve my problem of sneezing, to stop your sneezing you have to cover your noises with your hand and it won't go everywhere thanks doctor.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My favourite athlete

Usain bolt the fastest man in the world he holds the world record 9.58. he runs in the 100 meter sprint and the 200 meter sprint. He also has the world the world record for 200 meter sprint 19.30 seconds. He also set the world record in the the 4 times 100 metres  relay. He is the reigning Olympic champion in these three events, the first man ever to win 6 Olympic gold medals and a five time world champion.

His achievements in sprinting have earned him the nickname lightning bolt. At the 2012 Olympics, he won the 100 metres gold medal with a time of 9.63 seconds, setting a new Olympic record for that distance and defending his gold medal from the 2008 olympics. he followed by fellow jamaican Yohan blake, who won the silver with a time of 9.75 seconds.

bolt made an impressive performance with a successful run of his 200 metres gold medal with a time of 19.32 seconds. Followed by fellow Jamaicans second place yohan blake at 19.44 and bronze medalist Warren weir at 19.84. Usain bolt became the first man in history to defend both the 100m and 200m Olympic sprint titles.

In fact, bolt was so comfortably ahead near the finish that he was able to slow down, put his left finger to his mouth and told everyone to shush. As soon as bolt crossed the finish line, he did five push ups, one for each of his olympic gold medal. On the final day of the 2012 olympics athletics, bolt participated in jamaican gold medal winning 4x100 metres relay team consisting of bolt, nesta carter, michael frater and yohan blake. With a running time of 36.84 seconds, they broke jamaicas previous world record of 37.04 from 2011.