Monday, December 16, 2013

Being a year 4

This year being a year 7 was lots of fun because I like playing capture the flag after lunch.
I enjoyed playing handball with my friends outside but only sometimes I win.
I liked learning sports like basketball it was fun because we got to play a game and learn how to step.

I liked creative strand because we made maori patterns we made a big board with designs.
The designs on the border were maori patterns, turtles, flowers, samoan designs.
We also carved a piece of wood and Painted it, after we painted it we put it on the paper and carved it some more.

I liked going tech I didn't really like graphics But I like hard material because we made a necklace. I made a koru It was fun we first had to get a piece of wood then draw a design after that we add the metal called pewter then we had to file it then next we use the sandpaper and then polished it. My favourite one was food because I like to eat we made lots of cup cakes
It was yum.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Paul Walker

On the november 30 paul walker famous actor died in a car crash.
Paul walker was famous for being in the movie fast and furious his name was brian o,connor.
He was one of the main character. He first started of as a cop then a was racer.
The movies he was in were eight below, into the blue, joy ride, she’s all that, and takers.

To honor his death fans rev engine to farewell his death in los angeles suburb of santa clarita.
Fast and furious is a racing movie in the movie was dominick which is vin diesel brian o,connor which is paul walker they were the main characters. The last movie he made was fast and furious 6.

Paul Walker dead in car crash with Roger Rodas the driver they crashed into the pole and tree.
He had a girlfriend and a daughter before he died he ask her to marry him.

My Net Book Reflection

I like using net book because we
This year I have learnt new strategies for my math from my teacher.
I learn’t how to make movies and use I movie and how to upload videos to vimeo.
I’ve learnt how to use terminal so I can fix my computer, from youtube a google.

My friend Zyrin teached me how to play a game called minecraft its a game where you can build houses and play online with other people. I have learnt from my uncle teached me how to download movies and websites to watch them. I help people to fix there ubuntu software center so they can download games.

I have grown to learn new things like new math strategies I learnt how to use digital tools like
I pads and flip camera. The big question is how has having a netbook connected to the internet help my learning. It had help me with maths because I go on xtra math and math whizz, xtra math helps me with my addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Action World

On Friday we got to go action world.
Action world is a big place with bounce castles but better.
At first we only had to go on 4 rides like an obstacle course.
We first went on these monkey bars but harder and the bottom was really soft we had to jump over the first 4 then we were done and could go on the big one.

We next went on the crazy ladder we had to claim up a really wobbly ladder to ring the bell.
I didnt make it because it was really hard. The next one we went on was the slide and jump and do flips. I went on the slide, We first had to go on in a bag and go to the top then slide down when I went down I face planted on the soft stuff.

The last obstacle was the rock climbing wall it a little hard but I never made the top.
When we were done he told us some rules then let us had free time .
I went to a place where you wrestle my friend James and I won.
I also went on the balance rope it look scary when I look down I almost made it but I fell down