Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Its the year 2450 the world about to split into pieces. we have to go or its to late lets go.
5,4,3,2,1 bonce shooting up in space “wow!” I said in a whisper. Now were on the moon
I put the flag on the moon lets get ready to go to mars. “The sun is get smaller and
smaller every time we go farrier “

Finlay we got there mars is called the red planet. Ready to land. “Landed!” “lets look there’s nothing around were the city!”

1 problem is making friends with the aliens that will take along time.
The 2 problem is the storms so my gun must have lots power.
The last problem is there is no air then we can't breath and we will die

1 solution is that we can make a mask which makes gravity turn into air.
Plus air and oxygen come out of the mask so there can be air in mars.

The second solution is stopping the storms from killing you.
so we invented a gun to suck the storms into the gun and safe.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

At to play the beginning of the year the year 5s got net book and it was so cool.
It was so cool because I wanted to get better with my writing and spelling.

one positive is games because its fun and get to know the controls better.
The second positive is writing because I get to type instead of write with pencil and paper.

Plus you get to share stuff with people that is cool. And you can get information of the Internet
and go on YouTube.

The negative thing is that the Internet is slow and it distracted.
One is that we have to do to much work.

One is that there less reading in a book. And then we want know how to read.