Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Me geting saved

“Help.” My pectoral fins are pinned to my body,” I thought desperately Gasping for breath I struggled to wiggle out of the gill net. I was frightened and fatigued.

I felt a vibration coming towards me. Was it friend or foe? Worried and anxious I got a pipe and put it in his mouth.”SPLASH” into the water he went.

He approached me, he came closer and closer. They was eye contact I knew here to help. But he pulled out a knife.

The man pulled the net to the boat they started to cut finally they got one of my patrol fins free. They manged to get the other one free. Next I drived the man as far as I called.
suddenly they stared cutting more and they got me free

I was happy that they got me free so I wanted to do a big display. So I did 40 breach's and tail slaps and pectoral pins.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fire Safety

“Beep beep beep! What that noise? It's the smoke alarm! Oh no there is a fire !”

Did you know that 90% of New Zealand houses have no smoke alarms or they are not working. It can take only 3 minutes for a house to get burnt down.

Matches and lighters must stay away from children. Smoke alarms must be on at all times with a good batteries. When you are cooking you always keep a on the cooking, and must keep children away from ovens and stoves. Keys must stay in doors at all times so you can always get out.

What to do in a fire? Make sure keys are in doors. Close doors to stop a fire spreading. You have to have a meeting place like your letter box If you are inside you need to get down get low get out. Next call 111.

Friday, September 2, 2011

As we were walking into the hall we saw Room 16 playing badminton. I saw them hitting the shuttle with their rackets. I said to myself “I think
this is going to be cool!”.

Our teacher Donna told us what to do so then I picked my partner and it was Texas. Off we went to a place to play. Next Texas served the shuttle it went air born in the air then I hit the shuttle. It was soaring through the air to Texas and he got out I said “Yes!”

After that we had a game of badminton it was the first four people . Some one got out then it was my turn. I thought that I was going to lose. Next he served then I reached out for the shuttle I whacked it. Off it went and I got same one out.