Friday, June 28, 2013

prospective student

Climbing icy mountains, almost hanging off cliffs, the only thing keeping him alive is him saying to his self,  “I will make it i will make it to the top of the mountain.” Hanging of the icy cliff with one hand he struggles to pull himself up. He pull his self up with all his strength he pulled himself up.

Seeing the dojo excited to reach the top. He pushes himself thou the gusty wind. He reaches the top looking up to a huge door “bang bang bang.” the sensei comes out and points to the side and then shuts the door, the student is disappointed he was let down.

So he waits outside the door and meditates he meditates until the morning. The sensei comes out and the student looks at him he thinks this time he can come in. But he points to the side again leaving the student let down again.

He walks away suddenly puts his head high and make a fist he turns to the door. Kicking the door ready to fight the sensei then the sensei points to the side again.

The student looks were he pointed too and the was a sign saying please use side entrance

the fairy tale

Once upon a time there were four brothers. One of them was
disrespectful so they decided to kick him out of their house.
He had no money and could not afford a house so he lived in
the side walk. One day when he found 2 dollars he walked to
the shop with a smile till two men took it from him. He was so
angry and frustrated that he took revenge on his brothers.
He never knew that his brothers had moved into separate

One day he went for a walk and he found a bulldozer in a
construction site in the city. He said to himself “I can get
revenge by destroying their houses “hahahahahaha”. Then
he sent his brothers a letter saying ‘if you are mean to me I
will destroy you all’. When they opened the letter they were
laughing their heads off “hahaha”.

The next day the disrespectful brother went to their house
thinking that they will listen to him. He walked in and said
“get me some lunch, I'm starving”. They were laughing
“what” said the brother without recognising what he had

said he said. I’ll give you a last warning, unfortunately they
kicked him out and said “never come back”.He got as angry
as he get.
At night He went to get the bulldozer from the city. He sent
them another letter saying you will pay for what you have

done. He drove to their house, it went pitch black because the
bulldozer was covering the sun. They looked outside and saw
it. They ran to the strongest house but the brother whack it
and it tumbled down. now they all live in the bush.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Apple of Eden

They were beginning to look for the Apple of Eden, which is a special mechanism used to control people . They were suddenly attacked by templars. So Ezio and Altair started fighting the templars while Conner went on to find the Apple of Eden. When they finished fighting they went on to find Connor. While they were looking for Connor there was a big earthquake which made a giant crack. They saw the assassins secret lair. They found Conner down there looking for the Apple of Eden.     

When they were looking for the Apple of Eden they found Achilles grave, the second assassin.
So they opened up his coffin and they found a secret staircase going underground , so they went. When they jumped down there they found Achilles's outfits and the the amulet to the temple of the first civilizations. So they journeyed to find the temple.

They found a huge mountain. Conner was playing around how he usually does when he pressed a secret button which led them to the temple of the first civilizations. When they walk through the secret door they saw statue of the first assassins, seeing the Apple of Eden.
So they went and grabbed the the Apple of Eden and then the temple started to collapsed.
They were running as fast as they can. they just made it but that was the start of it.
The mountain collapsed. They got on their horses and were riding away as fast as they can.

They ran for the boat because the island was going to be split into pieces.
They were 2 kilometers from the boat so they started jumping the trees. It was way faster than on horse. Then they saw templars at their boat so Ezio used the Apple of Eden to control them.
He made them start up the boat and then made them swim in the water they jump on the boat,
and then pushed of.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

story part 2

Khi khi is farm boy living in new Zealand, he was only 10 years old, but he had a very strange family.His dad is a normal person but his mum was the strange one his mum was the grand white witch.She was a good witch. But the villages were told that Khi khi mum was a witch.The dad ran to their house as fast as he can, but he was too late they already burnt the house down, with her outside ready to be hanged. That's why the magic of the witches don't work on khi khi.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


betes is a sickness where your pancreas isn’t working. Usually the function of the pancreas is to make insulin. Insulin is needed as a key to open the body cells so glucose can be absorbed. Glucose is needed for essential as it gives body energy.

There are two types of diabetes type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 is when the pancreas are not working because it doesn't produce any insulin. They also have to have inject insulin so it can go in your body cells. Thats why they check their blood every day.

Type 2, Type 2 is when your pancreas makes insulin but your insulin doesn't work properly. You also can get it thru family, like I might get it from my nana and papa .
You can also get it from eating too much sugar and fat, and if you don't do enough exercise too.

Symptoms with diabetes is you get low energy in your body.
If you're feeling tied for a long time that is a sign that you might have diabetes.
you have to lots and lots of exercise or if you don't there is a high risk of getting it.
Another symptom is you might have too much carbohydrate by eating rice and pasta.

If you have diabetes you may have your limbs remove and have a harder attack.
You can have a stroke you can have break downs in your glucose.
You may have sleep apnoea you might lose your eyesight or bad circulation.