Wednesday, February 16, 2011

In the holidays mum and I went to Wellington on the bus. It took a very long time to get there. By the time we got there it was 7:3 . After that my Aunty picked us up and took us to MacDonalds to eat. Finally we went to my Nana's house to stay for the night. I was playing on my Nana's computer playing games. I was playing Sponge Bob and watching videos.

Next we went to the center to buy some food for my Nana and me. After that we went back to my Nana's house and I got an Ice block - it was nice, then I went to sleep.


  1. We really liked reading about your holiday. You included some interesting details. We have never been to Wellington but we would like to go there one day. We think Sponge Bob sounds like a good game to play. Some of us have even played it too.
    We really liked your picture because it is interesting.
    Maybe you could tell us about some more things that you did in Wellington.

  2. Jayden,

    It sounds like you had a very fun holiday with your nana. I always enjoy spending time with my grandparents too. I've never road on a public bus before. I bet that would be a neat experience. Keep posting!