Monday, June 12, 2017

Balance and stability

Three parts of balance and stability are called (COG) Centre of gravity, (LOG) Line of gravity and (BOS) Base of support. To increase you balance and stability you can change the position of your stance by widening you base of support and lowering you centre of gravity and try and keep you line of gravity close to the middle of your base of support. The task we were instructed to do was to try and get into position and create a structure from a sheet of paper which showed different structures we could make and to try and find the COG,LOG and BOS in each structure. What I enjoyed in the activity was that we all came together to make something that I never thought we could do, What was difficult for me was when someone was on my back and would dig there hand into my back which made my back sore and made me almost collapse.


  1. Hi Jayden, I think this is a really good piece of work because you have explained to me a bit about the properties of Bio-mechanics in a simple form. This made me think that other people can learn from each other. Something you could improve is checking your spelling and grammar. Besides that you're work is top notch.

  2. this is very good work because this gave me information on gravity and stability cog,log,bos,next time you could work on what your saying

  3. Hey Jayden, thanks for sharing your thoughts and learning from this activity. I enjoyed seeing you all come together and create the poses too - it must have felt rewarding when they worked out! Did you find this activity helpful to understand balance and stability? Your post has clearly helped your peers, which I think is because you have explained the key points about the biomechanical principle clearly. Awesome work :)