Monday, May 14, 2012

I got to watch a video, about a man spray painting on a paper and it looked cool.
All he did was scribble with red and yellow to about half way then he added some black.
Next he put  a pot on it and started spray painting  around it.

He did lots of colours he made a back ground and it looked cool.
Then he took of the pot and it look like there were real planet  and it looked awesome.
There was a little plant to and it looked just the same as the another one he is a arts

Monday, May 7, 2012


when we were walking to the pool I saw lots of rubbish on the ground .
when we went throw the automatic door we saw room 17 and lots of life guards,
 we walk to the changing room and got changed then we went and had a little sower and
rinsed myself.
it was the first day so we had to check what team we were in, there were 1,2,and 3.
I was in group 2, so they called the groups down and first we practices kicking our legs with a board
to  the island. We all went to the island and came back then she said we had to do it without the board.
so we did that to the island and back.
Now we are doing freestyle and I went fast it was fun and I came first.
Now we are finished and I hoped out.