Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Why is Sport important to me?

Sports is important because it keeps you fit by doing lots of exercise. It can help you learn new sports like rugby. You can learn how to tackle, how to step and much more. Sports can be fun and make you famous that's why when I grow up I want to be an All Black. My favourite sport is rugby because I like to tackle people down, bump people off and score tries. One of my favourite rugby players is Julian Savea. He plays for the All blacks and for the Hurricanes.

Sports is important because you can have lots of fun. You can learn basketball moves like a slam dunk and getting a three pointer from behind the line. Basketball is my second favourite sport.  I like shooting hoops with my friends at the courts. Basketball can make you famous if you are playing in America because America has the best teams like Oklahoma City Thunders, my favourite team. My favourite player is Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook who both play for Oklahoma City. Kevin Durant is the second best basketball player in the world.

Monday, July 8, 2013

little red riding hood



little red riding hood

little red

shes lazy
she only does work if she gets treats and money
bad temper
she's selfish

The problem is the wolf escaped from the zoo and little red found the wolf.
The wolf chased little red all the way to her grandmas house.

Solving problem little red lock the wolf inside of the grandmas garage.    
Then little red called the zoo keeper when the zoo keeper got there the wolf was sleeping.
They got the wolf and went. When little red went inside grandma left a note saying, I'm in the garage to find out where the ants were coming from.