Thursday, November 24, 2011

Finlay we got to the star dome I thought that we were going the dome but we went up one tree hill I was tired. We weren't at the top at all and I was tired.

we were half way and we saw the craters . Room 14 got to the top the view was amazing I could see must of new Zealand.

After that we went to the crater it was fun sliding down and people made staff out of rocks
it like cool. me and my friends raced up the hill and I came second.

next we went back to go to the star dome. we got there we went into the star dome and we watched the movie about a boy and his friend.

him and his friend made a cardboard box into a space ship look cool but its small. They went into space and they went to different planet it was fault like I was there.

Next we went got to look at the stuff like space clothes and the worm hole and planets.
we also look at the space room it was cool.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday, November 7, 2011

Comet ice cream

Eagerly waiting I was sating in a circle with my hands washed to get my comet made out of ice cream. First we smashed the cookie's into pieces of dust with the 1000’s blocks it was great and it looked crunchy. Next miss squires put the hundreds and thousands and the chocolate sprinkles
into the dust .

After that we were getting our ice cream which was the ice and the cone was the tail it was a ice cream comet yummy.
Finlay it was my turn I got the ice cream when I got it my hand went numb.Then I quickly put it in the dust and put it on the cone.

"Cold Cold Cold!" biting the ice cream and the dust. Its was frizzing but it was delicious I felt like some more.

It was the end of day and I felt great.