Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Jayden's Camp Writing

`“The bus is here, the bus is here!” everyone shouted. Grabbing our bags ready for our our trip to our new year 8 camp. I Jumping on the bus excited because I had never been to this place before . With a 3 hour drive ahead of us, I tried to get some sleep de dof my head cracked against the window so I just looked out the window as we went by. I was feeling like some lollies so I got my packet of wine gums and ate some with my friends until we got to camp.

When we got to a beach and I thought we were finally there but Miss squires said Its time for a big walk. When I heard we had to go on a big walk I was gonna cry because I didn't feel like going for a walk. But I still went they said that we had to team up with a buddy so I teamed up with my friend khi khi. It was a long walk and there were a lot of slipping a falling, we finally finished the walk and we got to swim but I just digged big holes with my friend. We went back onto the bus a headed to camp.

Finally we got to camp and it look pretty cool so we dump our bag on the deck. We then had a little tour around the place, We saw some cool things to do like play volleyball, play basketball, go on the big flying fox and even slide down a really long waterside. When we had a look at the activities we could go on the activities that had cards on it there were green ones, orange ones and red ones. The green ones meant that we could go play on it anytime we want, the orange one meant that we need supervision if we wanted to go on it, and the red one meant that we weren't aloud to go on it.

After all that we were allowed free time until dinner time so I went and played some volleyball. It was dinner time and I was wondering what we were having to eat. It was the first night and we had chicken, roast potatoes, mixed veggies and more It smelt yum. After desert it started to get dark so we all went outside a played a game of spotlight, finally we got to have some fun.

Spot light was fun and we even got to play sardines, But it was It was the end of the day and I was tied because we had a long day of having fun. We were all tied and went to sleep.