Wednesday, July 23, 2014

July Holidays

In the holidays me and my brother went to the movies and watch dawn of the planet of the apes.
My mum got the news paper and cut out the deal 2 people from $16 So it would be cheaper for us. My mum gave me and my brother 10 dollars each so we can pay for our ticket and catch the train back.

First my mum drop of at Sylvia park we still had 45 minutes left so we just got out tickets and had a look around. After we had a look around we went into the arcade I didn't want to use my money so I just my brother play then someone gave me a free turn on the racing game.

After that we went to see if we could go to our cinema, we were aloud so we went.
When we got inside someone took our seats to we just sat somewhere else.
They start to show trailers so I knew the movie was going to start soon.

We watch Dawn Of The Plant Of The Apes once the movie started I got my food out so I can watch the movie and eat my food. It was good movie It had lots of action in it I reckon It was better than Transformers Age Of Extinction. Once It finished me and my brother went on the train and headed back home

Immersion Assembly Term 3

Its the start of term 3 and as always we have an Immersion Assembly.
Our Immersion Assembly is when all the teams make a video or perform for us.
Our topic was game on, There were bikes on the stage and Mrs Tito riding a bike.

Team 1 had a movie about some of the countries that are in the commonwealth
New Zealand was in it, Canada, Fiji, South Africa and more but there was america.
The queen was having a talk and said See if all the countries were the right ones to qualify. But the queen saw america in it and America isn't in the commonwealth so they change it to Samoa.

Team 2 had a video it showed us some athletes competing in different sports.
They showed us the Javelin Throw, Shot Put Throw, Netball and 100 meter sprint.
After the movie came up onto the stage with some netball things and holding a golden trophy.

It was Team 3 time It was girly so I didn't like it, but it was about a sport that only girls did it was Rhythmic Gymnastics.They showed us a video of woman doing Rhythmic Gymnastics they were pretty flexible a good at catching. Next they came up and the teachers try to do Rhythmic Gymnastics but they were failing and only doing small tricks.

Team 4 had a funny one, they had a potato sculpture challenge.
First they showed the contenders there was the Cook Islands, Jamaica, Canada and I forgot the rest.First they all got a plate of potato then one of the teachers counted down 321. They started and It was hard to know how was going to win but it was Jamaica.

It was time for team 5 the last team they had a movie about the placing they went to in the holidays. The first one was Mrs Nua she went to Spain and showed some pictures of some of the buildings they saw. The next one was Mrs Squires She went to Chile and showed us some pictures of the land. After that was Mrs Clark she went to New York and took some pictures of what she did then she made a video interviewing a person. Next was Mrs Paget She went to Atlanta and show Pictures of the blue angles and thousand of people on the beach. Then there was Mrs Tito she was relaxing in a little lake. The last person was Mrs Slade she went to Fiji and Interviewed some kids.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Plant and fruit

Today we were lucky to have some scientist come to our school.
They came here to show some experiments, there were 3 people there names were lura Lara and Jacob. we had it in the street so we could just go next door.

After that they ask everyone if they knew what acid is and base, I didn't know what it was and no else did. They got out some cabbage juice it was purple they also pulled out vinegar and mrs muscle. When they mixed the cabbage juice and the vinegar together the cabbage juice won and it stayed the same colour. They did this to see what one has the most acid and base. The one with the most acid will take over and change colour but the cabbage juice stay the same colour.

Next they pull out dry ice and said that if you touch it with your hands it would probably burn it
thats why they used gloves. The man Jacob grab a handful of ice and put it in jug full of water it produced lots of gas. Next they put some bubbles into the water they ask us what's your hypothesis They put the dry ice into the water and it was like a volcano it was coming out for ages.

The last experiment was about solids It was cool they got some pva then put some water in it so it was watery. Next they show us a old cleaning product I forgot the name. After that they got the cleaning product and tip some of it into the pva. Next they they put some food colouring in it they put the colour green. When they put there hands in it, some gange  stuff came out It look cool and they even gave us some. It felt weird but It was still cool.

Future Aspiration

Today we had so future aspiration people come to our school.
There were 4 people Andrew, Mrs shama, Arizona, Alfred they were here to inspire us so we make good choices in the future. Andrew was a radio person, Mrs Shama was a maths teacher at tamaki college, Arizona was at university to be a journalist and alfred was a police officer.

My favourite aspiration was Arizona she talk about her dream and what her life was like.
She said tahi the mahi that was do the work. The second one was a quote for Doctor Seuss it says “Today youer are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you”
The third one was san, It was have some fun. The fourth one was bang down the door and the last one was five strive to stay alive.

I think that thought to me to work harder in learning and get my grades up.

I need to be more confident, have more fun and strive to strive to stay alive.