Wednesday, February 13, 2013

waitangi day

Yesterday I woke up early to go fishing but then my mum looked at the tied and it was low so my dad and I had to wait. feeling impatient I went on my Ipod touch and played minecraft, I was building a massive 4 story house and at the top was a diving board. After that I made a little house that could float on the water and cabins on the land like Percy Jackson's.

Finally the tide was right so my dad and I looked for a place to go fishing. we went to Pt England but it was crowded with people . Then we went Glendowie and Mission Bay but they were also crowded. My head dropped my arms died as we went back home, "this stinks" I said to my Dad . When we went back home I took off my shoes, went on my bed and started playing minecraft again, I built a big mansion with wood. Finally at 6:25 my Dad came into my room and said we were going to try again. I chucked my Ipod on the bed and ran to the car. all of a sudden my world ended. Warning of a tsunami had come.

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