Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Today we did an activity about levers, a lever is made up of three parts effort, Load/resistance and fulcrum.
The fulcrum is like the pivot point of the lever, the effort is the forces applied and the Load is the thing that needs effort to be applied.
There are 3 classes,
 class 1 a example is an seesaw
 class 2 a example is an wheelbarrow
 class 3 a example is an arm
Lever I are used a lot in sports for example badminton, When you hit the shuttlecock with the racket your fulcrum is your hand, the efforts is your muscles in your arm used to swing the racket and the shuttlecock is the load.
In the activity we did we had to cut out and colour in shapes and had to label them, the green was effort the yellow was fulcrum and the purple was the load. We then had to shape them into each of the classes and then we had to explain why it was that class.

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  1. Hi Jayden,
    What a great reflection of your learning on how levers work. You really have understood this theory, and you are able to explain your understanding. I like the way you used a drawing to support your writing. You have explained the classes very well.

    Just two little suggestions. If you had rotated your image before inserting it into the blog, it would have been easier to view. I had to tip my head on the side to view it correctly. Also, the font you have chosen here is a little difficult to read. You might like to choose a clearer one.

    Keep up the great work and I look forward to more blog posts from you.