Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Me geting saved

“Help.” My pectoral fins are pinned to my body,” I thought desperately Gasping for breath I struggled to wiggle out of the gill net. I was frightened and fatigued.

I felt a vibration coming towards me. Was it friend or foe? Worried and anxious I got a pipe and put it in his mouth.”SPLASH” into the water he went.

He approached me, he came closer and closer. They was eye contact I knew here to help. But he pulled out a knife.

The man pulled the net to the boat they started to cut finally they got one of my patrol fins free. They manged to get the other one free. Next I drived the man as far as I called.
suddenly they stared cutting more and they got me free

I was happy that they got me free so I wanted to do a big display. So I did 40 breach's and tail slaps and pectoral pins.

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  1. Hi its me Dhara you have an interesting story
    in the whale writing you,ve got there keep up the wonderful work.