Monday, November 7, 2011

Comet ice cream

Eagerly waiting I was sating in a circle with my hands washed to get my comet made out of ice cream. First we smashed the cookie's into pieces of dust with the 1000’s blocks it was great and it looked crunchy. Next miss squires put the hundreds and thousands and the chocolate sprinkles
into the dust .

After that we were getting our ice cream which was the ice and the cone was the tail it was a ice cream comet yummy.
Finlay it was my turn I got the ice cream when I got it my hand went numb.Then I quickly put it in the dust and put it on the cone.

"Cold Cold Cold!" biting the ice cream and the dust. Its was frizzing but it was delicious I felt like some more.

It was the end of day and I felt great.

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