Friday, February 22, 2013


One afternoon Ben really needed some food so he went fishing he had a life jacket for safety. The seas were spraying clothes flapping clouds racing you can see the trees swaying flying leaves flying.

Ben sees a really big storm he still fishes the he goes home then there's breaking news.
The biggest storm ever according to scientist and more powerful than ever destroying 50 000 homes.

He goes back fish thinking that the storm isn't that big then suddenly a big wave comes crashing washing him a way knock out luckily hes got a life jacket .
Final he wakes up “where am I”. stranded on a I a island the good thing was that there was lots of fruit. He finds a house made in 1746 there was a bed and tin food but all he wanted was to come home.

Suddenly he found the best thing ever a boat so he packs lots of food and sails back home. 5 years later he finds a island he looks and it new Zealand right where he got smashed by the waves

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