Monday, March 6, 2017


Q:What is your previous experiences with blogging?
I have blogged in primary school, pt England from year 5 to year 8.
We blogged like 3 times a week, we would blog all sorts of stuff like maths, writing, reading.

Q:How do you think blogging impacts on your learning
It impacts me because you could do some work that you have done, post it, then I could look back at my previous work if I get stuck.
It is also good because you can feedback from people all around the world.

Q:How do you feel about blogging? why?

I feel that blogging is annoying sometimes because in primary we had to blog all the time. It is boring as well because I have to do more writing.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Jayden - I am interested you commented on the feedback you can get from people globally - what sort of feedback do you like getting and what sort of feedback do you think is helpful? I am sad to hear you think blogging is boring, can you think of any way I could help you to enjoy it? Look forward to hearing back, Miss D