Monday, March 6, 2017



S - S stands for strengths (what you are good at)
W - W stands for weakness ( what you are bad at)
O - O stands for opportunities ( what will help you achieve you strengths)
T - T stands for threats ( What will stop you on the way of achieving your goals)

-  Theory/ school work
-  Completing my work
-  Basketball

-  Staying focus in class
- Asking people for feedback
-  Setting goals for myself

- Family
- Friends
- Teacher

- Games
- youtube
- loud music

It relates to my swot goals because my weakness is asking for feedback and setting goals

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  1. Your goals clearly align with your SWOT analysis Jayden - did the SWOT help you to identify and create your goals? The goals look very SMART, an important part of setting goals. Have you thought of any examples of goals you would like to set at the start of each lessons? What about who/when/how you will ask for feedback/feedforward? These are questions you should start thinking about, before we start our participations for the assessment tomorrow. Miss D