Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Swimming at the pools

Over the past two weeks room 14 have had swimming with Room 16. We have been leaning how to swim. One day while we were walking to the pools I saw an eel in the creek.
“Finally we are there” I said as we went in through the pool doors .

When I jumped into the pool I felt deliciously warm. When I pushed myself off the wall I started to kick furiously. As I got to the other side I was exhausted and drained.
While I was in the pool I started gliding gracefully. When I got to the other end and jumped up, I swallowed a gulp of water. I grabbed the flutter board then Ms Squires said “Go!” Off I went with a powerful kick. With difficulty I tried to keep afloat by pushing my stomach up. I thought in my mind I was going to drown but I made it.I said to myself “Yes I made it”.

As I came out of the pool I felt a shock of cold. My teeth started chattering.

We came back to school and it was lunch time

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