Thursday, July 14, 2011


On Wednesday July the 7 we went to Motat so we can learn about inventions, because we are learning about Bigger ,Better, Faster ,Stronger. We went on to the bus and we went to Motat. It was a long drive finally but we got there and I was happy .

Our first place to go was the Tactile Dome, that was my favorite thing . It was pitch black . It was so dark that you could not see anything. We were fumbling around then we found a way, we had to go up the rope. We went up the rope and went through the hole. Then I crashed down on to the ground “HELP!” I said. I went through the hole, down the slide and I came out .

We also went to the Earthquake Cafe. it was shaking from side to side it was cool. Massive vibrations were making us move around. We were juddering, it was fun.

After that I went to the mirror maze I went in for the first time then crashed . It looked like there were endless reflections. Then I collided in to the wall it was sore.

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