Monday, July 16, 2012

Immersion assemble

Its the first day of school walking to school I thought what is the topic for this term.
I walk through the door and I saw the olympics logo and I thought in my mind It's going
to be olympics. It was obvious because it was this year the olympic started and it starts this term. I could not wait to watch all of the movies and performances I thought it will be cool.

I went to class and the bell rang so I went quick I thought it was the second ball but it was the first. I went to class and mr s opened the door and I went inside I went on my netbook then the bell rang . We went outside in a line it was raining so we went quick we went and sat down then it started it started with team 1 they did a movie with miss gorge going to some famous people like Yvonne Williams that won a gold medal Dick Quax that won a silver medal .

Team 2 did a movie about 3 keys so you can be a Olympian. The first key was practice then the next one was practice and the third key was practice. So it was practice practice practice so you can be a Olympian and win a medal.

It was team 3 and turn they were talk about the girls not being in the olympics and saying that they rule but they don’t. They also showed boxing the first time a girl was in the olympic a gymnastics
girl who go 10 10 10 and a horse doing bellay it look funny .
It was team 4 turn and they did something about russians doing swimming at olympics but they were bad at swimming .

Now it is team 5, they did a video about Jesse Owens that use to be the fastest person in the world. But he did the semi final match he broke his hamstring and he didn’t win the race.

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