Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Olympic event

Basketball was first played with a soccer ball it is a summer olympic sport for a very long time, ever since 1936, but women's basketball has only been played in the olympics since 1976.
America is the most successful country in olympic basketball because they have won so many medals and they have had a had 7 time streak . The first olympic basketball tournament was played on an outdoor tennis court in 1936 and the first indoor tournament was played at the 1948 london olympic games, the second time london held the games .

If you would like to play basketball all you need is a basketball a basketball hoop and a basketball court. In a professional game you need foul markers you have to have branded basketball shoes. You also need a partner knee pads and a safety gear . There are no traveling and there are no shouldering, holding, striking, pushing, or tripping in any of an opponent.

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