Wednesday, September 12, 2012


“AAA ACHOO” damn not again I made a hole in the wall it happens every day even at school.
I sneeze so bad that I broke my own netbook and 3 Imacs at the same time. At school people
don’t like to seat next to me just incase I send them to a different country, like one person, I sent him to France.“ AAA ACHOO” “nooooooooooooooooo not the TV I can never live without that why why do you have to do
this to me”.

Did you know that I made the big tsunami in japan it was accident I almost went to jail but I was only nine.When I was 0 years old I made the twin towers collapsed and made the earthquake in christchurch I didn't mean to. My sneezing even goes back in time thats how we beat the germans in world war 2 but no one knows that.So my sneezing not so bad at all only in some staff but I made the world war 2 end but only that.

Sometimes when I go fishing I kill the fish and my dad thinks he catches them but I wouldn’t want to eat if i was him. when we eat I have I special room where I can eat, so I don't sneeze on there food. I have no friends so I have know one to play with so I’m always lonely even my parents don’t like me they tried to sell me but know one likes me.

I'm going to the doctor now “doctor doctor open the door” “AAA ACHOO”. here we go doctor it seems that I have the biggest sneezes in the world. Doctor can you help me to solve my problem of sneezing, to stop your sneezing you have to cover your noises with your hand and it won't go everywhere thanks doctor.

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  1. Hey jayden I liked your story it was amazing it was a little bit confusing. just make sure you are looking out for you full stops. I think you have done a good job. I really like the image you got of the internet.
    Thank you