Wednesday, May 8, 2013


In the holidays I went to rainbows end for my cousins birthday. When we were waiting to go to rainbows end it was pouring down with rain, my cousin’s dad said that if it doesn't go away that we had to pick another thing to do we all decided on laser strike.

It stopped raining so we went to rainbows end when we got there we got a little pack of snacks. We went to the counter to pay for entry, it cost 390 dollars but we still went because it was my cousins birthday.

First we went to the bumper cars it was fun I bumped off every one. The next ride we went to was the gold rush I got really wet but it wasn't that scary. Then we went to the movie place, our chairs moved around and we watched a movie. The one we went to next was one of my favourites the bumper boats its awesome!!!

My favourite rides were the Invader, it spins around and goes wavy it gave me butterflies I went on 4 times. My second favourite was the Power Surge it swings you around like a doll. My third one was the fearfall it brings you up really high and then makes you fall straight down Remember to look down if you want a surprise.

Thanks to Mr. Hutchings for proof-reading my writing.


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