Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Apple of Eden

They were beginning to look for the Apple of Eden, which is a special mechanism used to control people . They were suddenly attacked by templars. So Ezio and Altair started fighting the templars while Conner went on to find the Apple of Eden. When they finished fighting they went on to find Connor. While they were looking for Connor there was a big earthquake which made a giant crack. They saw the assassins secret lair. They found Conner down there looking for the Apple of Eden.     

When they were looking for the Apple of Eden they found Achilles grave, the second assassin.
So they opened up his coffin and they found a secret staircase going underground , so they went. When they jumped down there they found Achilles's outfits and the the amulet to the temple of the first civilizations. So they journeyed to find the temple.

They found a huge mountain. Conner was playing around how he usually does when he pressed a secret button which led them to the temple of the first civilizations. When they walk through the secret door they saw statue of the first assassins, seeing the Apple of Eden.
So they went and grabbed the the Apple of Eden and then the temple started to collapsed.
They were running as fast as they can. they just made it but that was the start of it.
The mountain collapsed. They got on their horses and were riding away as fast as they can.

They ran for the boat because the island was going to be split into pieces.
They were 2 kilometers from the boat so they started jumping the trees. It was way faster than on horse. Then they saw templars at their boat so Ezio used the Apple of Eden to control them.
He made them start up the boat and then made them swim in the water they jump on the boat,
and then pushed of.

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