Friday, June 28, 2013

prospective student

Climbing icy mountains, almost hanging off cliffs, the only thing keeping him alive is him saying to his self,  “I will make it i will make it to the top of the mountain.” Hanging of the icy cliff with one hand he struggles to pull himself up. He pull his self up with all his strength he pulled himself up.

Seeing the dojo excited to reach the top. He pushes himself thou the gusty wind. He reaches the top looking up to a huge door “bang bang bang.” the sensei comes out and points to the side and then shuts the door, the student is disappointed he was let down.

So he waits outside the door and meditates he meditates until the morning. The sensei comes out and the student looks at him he thinks this time he can come in. But he points to the side again leaving the student let down again.

He walks away suddenly puts his head high and make a fist he turns to the door. Kicking the door ready to fight the sensei then the sensei points to the side again.

The student looks were he pointed too and the was a sign saying please use side entrance

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