Monday, September 23, 2013

Movie reflection

Last week I made a movie about Nelson Mandela and Michael Jackson. You might wonder why Michael Jackson and Nelson Mandela.We chose them because they had the same message about the blacks and whites together. But Michael Jackson said his part thru music. My group was just a pair, me (Jayden) and Zyrin.. We were trying to compare Michael Jackson and Nelson Mandela together, and see what we got out of it.This was quite tricky. We got a few ideas like from Michael Jackson singing the song the man in mirror.

In our movie I had animations, I had an animation of Zyrin moving his mouth so when he did the voiceover I could try do it in time. But I failed it wasn't in time that much. My graphics were a kind of good because I never traced. The body was good but the face wasn’t. I need to practice drawing faces.
I used to have lots of animation but I forgot to title and I didn’t save it so someone deleted all my work and I had to start again.

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