Thursday, March 13, 2014

How to play Minecraft

Minecraft is a famous survival and building game. You can building anything you want just by using square block on creative mode. If you want you can go on survival and get blocks yourself like cutting down a tree. You can also go on servers so you can play with people all over the world and your friends, but sometimes it gets very laggy and you have to quit out of the game.

First step is you have to create a world you can chose out of survival or creative if you want your house to be cool chose creative. I like to make my house out of wood there are more than a 50 blocks to chose from. Sometime I make cool mansion you can use crafting tables and Furnaces to make your kitchen look cool If you're a starter at Minecraft you can just make a big block. If you want you can put a bed inside so night time goes by.

Most of the time you will see zombies and skeletons but they won't hurt you only if your on survival. When you play servers you will be in survival mode there will be a big building where you will start and when you go out into the worldliness you have to watch for mc players just in case they come and attack.

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