Monday, June 9, 2014



This term we got to go swimming with my class. Im in class 5. We have to go swimming so we can survive in the water and don’t drown. We swim at the YMCA pools its just down the street from our school so we can just walk there. When we got to the pools on the first day we had to be split into 2 group there were called 1 and 2. Im in group 2 so I was in the middle pool.

First we had to get a board and kick our legs to the other side, I wasn't tied because we got to keep our head, we had to that 4 times before the next one. After that we did the same thing but hands were at the bottom of the board and we had to put our head down, we had to do that four times as well. We next did free style and we had to do it four times, thats when I got tied.

We finally got to kick on my back I was fast at it But we had to do that 4 times as well.
Next I had to do backstroke I was pretty fast at that we did that 4 times as well. My legs started to get saw and my arms I wished it finished, Then the instructor said ok were finished then we had to go get dressed.

At the end of the day I was happy and like swimming.

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