Thursday, February 23, 2012

When it was 2007 I when to Rainbows End with my 2 cousin my big sister and my godfather. We went in there car to manukau . We Finley got the and we went and payed our ticket . The first thing I went on was the lagoon we hop on to the log and of went in to the cave it was cool it was like we were int a windy river. Now we were come down the big slid it was going really fast then we stop and we got wet splashed into my face I was laughing.

We went to the bumper boats its my favourite I hop on to the boat. I was bumping my cousin then hi was casing me it was fun. After that we came back and park the boat we were finished and I hop out and went to the movie place. we were watching sponge bob in 3D it was cool.

We went back to the start and we went to the clown faces. We were chucking the balls in.
my cousin won and she got an toy dog. Then I won and I got a toy truck it was fun.

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  1. Hi Jayden I like your picture it sure go with your writing at Rainbows in 2007.