Monday, March 5, 2012

With excitement walking to the Duffy theatre Nealy there. Finlay we got to the hall
and we saw Duffy and his friends first they sang the Duffy song and we all joined in.
Then it was time for the Duffy show and it was about the beast book in the world.
After that scruffy and Duffy were playing and dancing together.

Then they open it up and the book came out and she was telling Duffy about her life.
There was a time when she went on the boat and they were about to crash and the boy
read the book and it had staff about driving a boat , he turned the boat and they survived

And the other time was when a bully went into the library and he found the best book in the world
and he read it and then he read it. Then he went to the

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  1. Hi Jayden I like your writing it have full stop and capitals later. You did a good job I liked your writing.