Monday, June 11, 2012

Free blog writing

On Sunday I went to the number one shoes and rebel sport and I got me some new shoes and a new bag. First I went to the number one shoes I was looking around but I couldn’t find anything.
I was looking around then my mum pull out some shoes and I said I like those shoes but they were 40 dollars. So my mum said half and half so I payed half of it and she paid the rest.

Next we went to rebel sport and I was look and the bags because my old one was ripped.
I was looking and them but they were too expensive I was looking and my mum found one for 30 dollars but I said “nar”.  I was looking and I found a puma bag and I like it but it was 45 dollars
and I had 30 dollars. So my mum give me 15 dollars so I could buy it  I went and bought it and my money was all gone.                                                                                    

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