Tuesday, October 29, 2013

event with khi khi

One I ask my mum if I could go to my friend khi khi house. She said yes so I got my bag and put my netbook and inside. Walking to khi khi house I could feel the sun gleaming in my face, I nearly crashed into the poll. I got to khi khi house and I said lets go to the beach. But first we were playing our netbook.

After we played on our netbook we went to the beach. When I got to the best I was thinking what to do, then khi khi said lets get some crab we found 5 crabs. Then I said lets make them fight so I made a arena, but we found only little crabs so we went and found some big crabs. We found 1 big crab and it keep on biting khi khi and it ripped one of the crabs arm off. After that we took the crabs to khi khi house and made them fight there, they almost dead so we turn the tap on and put the crabs under it. Then I went home and the next day when I came school he said the crabs died because they had no water.

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