Friday, November 22, 2013

my writing sample

“Jayden time for bed ” my mum said. walking to my room I hear weird noises
then I hear some whispering “jayden jayden”. I start to get scared so ran to my room
“BANG” I slammed the door. I Jumped in my bed and put the blanket over my head
curled myself into a ball. I could still hear the whispering “jayden jayden” like if it was
harry potter and the chamber of secrets. I stayed in my bed curled up in a ball until i
fell asleep. Its 3:00 in the morning thinking this is all over.

“Jayden Jayden” I hear the whispering again Its like was coming straight from under my
bed. So I looked under my bed to see if there was anyone there but there was no one but
the same big circle from when I first came here. I heard the whispering again so I went under my bed and put my ear to the fall and waited for it to whisper. "Jayden jayden" It whispered again But it was a bit louder like if there was something under the house then I heard banging
noises. "bang bang bang" I want to dig a hole to see what was down there "bang bang
bang" "jayden jayden jayden".

Coming out of my bed I saw and old toy I grab the toy and notice something that i never seen before a button .I push the button. All of a sudden opened a big hole where the circle was and I slid down into a secret base. Then I heard the whispering again “Jayden jayden” but a bit
louder then I went to over to weird computer room and there was a talking computer
saying “jayden jayden” then I told it to stopped and it stop. It told me to take this disc
and to move out of the house and to hide it. it eject the disc and spined to me. Bang the room started shaking rocks falling everywhere I went back to the place where I came down. I wasn't going up so I had to climb. Almost at the top The building destroyed the bottom I Jump up and close the hole.

It was all over and I told my mum the whole story so we moved out and went to new
zealand auckland and I hid the disc there. And I went to a new school called pt


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