Thursday, December 12, 2013

My Net Book Reflection

I like using net book because we
This year I have learnt new strategies for my math from my teacher.
I learn’t how to make movies and use I movie and how to upload videos to vimeo.
I’ve learnt how to use terminal so I can fix my computer, from youtube a google.

My friend Zyrin teached me how to play a game called minecraft its a game where you can build houses and play online with other people. I have learnt from my uncle teached me how to download movies and websites to watch them. I help people to fix there ubuntu software center so they can download games.

I have grown to learn new things like new math strategies I learnt how to use digital tools like
I pads and flip camera. The big question is how has having a netbook connected to the internet help my learning. It had help me with maths because I go on xtra math and math whizz, xtra math helps me with my addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

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