Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Action World

On Friday we got to go action world.
Action world is a big place with bounce castles but better.
At first we only had to go on 4 rides like an obstacle course.
We first went on these monkey bars but harder and the bottom was really soft we had to jump over the first 4 then we were done and could go on the big one.

We next went on the crazy ladder we had to claim up a really wobbly ladder to ring the bell.
I didnt make it because it was really hard. The next one we went on was the slide and jump and do flips. I went on the slide, We first had to go on in a bag and go to the top then slide down when I went down I face planted on the soft stuff.

The last obstacle was the rock climbing wall it a little hard but I never made the top.
When we were done he told us some rules then let us had free time .
I went to a place where you wrestle my friend James and I won.
I also went on the balance rope it look scary when I look down I almost made it but I fell down

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