Monday, December 16, 2013

Being a year 4

This year being a year 7 was lots of fun because I like playing capture the flag after lunch.
I enjoyed playing handball with my friends outside but only sometimes I win.
I liked learning sports like basketball it was fun because we got to play a game and learn how to step.

I liked creative strand because we made maori patterns we made a big board with designs.
The designs on the border were maori patterns, turtles, flowers, samoan designs.
We also carved a piece of wood and Painted it, after we painted it we put it on the paper and carved it some more.

I liked going tech I didn't really like graphics But I like hard material because we made a necklace. I made a koru It was fun we first had to get a piece of wood then draw a design after that we add the metal called pewter then we had to file it then next we use the sandpaper and then polished it. My favourite one was food because I like to eat we made lots of cup cakes
It was yum.

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