Monday, February 24, 2014

how I get to school on time

Pushing my body my mum wakes me for school every morning at 7:00 am.
I ache my eye so I could see I better vision. I pull myself up so I can eat breakfast Marmite on toast and a Coffey. When I'm done eating its normally 7:15 then I go brush my teeth and wash my face for about 5:00.

After I brush my teeth I put my uniform t-shirt and shorts. I Next go and pack my morning tea and lunch I get sandwiches, chips, biscuits, and a muesli bar. When is reaches 7:35 I'm all ready and set to go to school and learn. While I wait I go on my I pod and play games.

I always play the game throne rush its a game where you have to protect your village and go out to war. I also like to play Flappy bird, the game is really famous because it got deleted of the play store. I on the I saw if you have the game Flappy bird on your I pod or phone people are selling for $5000 on trade me just to play the game Flappy bird

When It reaches 8:00 I watch a little bit of news until 8:05. I grab my bag and set of for school I walk to the end of my driveway then check the mail. Normally there is no mail so I walk off to school. When I get to the end of my street I turn the corner and up to the crossing when i cross the road I Go thru a little short cut. When I get into the gate I wait for my friend to come he gets to school around 8:20. When the 8:30 bell rings its time to go into class Sit on my desk and sing the karkia.

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