Monday, April 14, 2014

Fia Fia night

Leading to the day of Fia Fia I was training so I could be good at cook island dancing I choose the group because i'm a half cook island. I was drumming as well me and my friend learned a new beat on the cook island drums. At first I was on a small drum then I had chance of using the big drums and I made it But once we learnt how to play on the drums we had to do dancing.

We always had to dance, I was sweating and tired, I wanted a break but we had practice.
The weeks went fast When you know it I was only a couple of days until Fia Fia.
After we finished practice it would smell nice because of all of the food stools .

I was last day until Fia Fia we were all having a rehearsal my group had to go thru the hallway we were the second to last group to perform It took a long time before we perform. It was finally our turn I was nervous looking around at all PE Then we started drumming I started feel computable and started to enjoy my self. Next we had to dance I was in the back row But I still enjoying my self.

It was the night I was walking from Home feeling nervous, I got to school and I smelt nice with all the food around. It look tasty I wanted buy some with my money but I didn't have enough.
It was 6:00 and we had to go to our changing rooms and we had to get change Into what we were wearing. Walking thru the hallway I was nervous then we went outside to sit down.
It was finally our turn And We perform our drums It was dark so I couldn't really see anyone.
Finally it was done and we could go home.

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