Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Empathy collage

How  I made my empathy collage

This term we got to make a collage about empathy, we all got a big piece of paper.
Firstly we made a document and put pictures in it for our empathy poster we had to put as much pictures as we can. Next we had to make a border around it I made a skinny one, using black pastel. After that I got one of my pictures and glued it on there.

The picture was a man hugging a alien and saying I know how you feel bro because they are both different. My next picture was some shoes saying under it put yourself in their shoes so they know how they people feel. I next drawn empathy look like some computer keys to make it look cool.

I also drawn a eye with green in it. in the middle of my collage to make my collage centred.
Next I drawed 2 hands clinging on to each and writing on top if help.After that I write words I write feel under the alien picture and connect next the shoes. When all of that was done I coloured the rest of the page gold so there was no white patches left, then I drawed green around all of my pictures so it can look cool.

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