Wednesday, July 23, 2014

July Holidays

In the holidays me and my brother went to the movies and watch dawn of the planet of the apes.
My mum got the news paper and cut out the deal 2 people from $16 So it would be cheaper for us. My mum gave me and my brother 10 dollars each so we can pay for our ticket and catch the train back.

First my mum drop of at Sylvia park we still had 45 minutes left so we just got out tickets and had a look around. After we had a look around we went into the arcade I didn't want to use my money so I just my brother play then someone gave me a free turn on the racing game.

After that we went to see if we could go to our cinema, we were aloud so we went.
When we got inside someone took our seats to we just sat somewhere else.
They start to show trailers so I knew the movie was going to start soon.

We watch Dawn Of The Plant Of The Apes once the movie started I got my food out so I can watch the movie and eat my food. It was good movie It had lots of action in it I reckon It was better than Transformers Age Of Extinction. Once It finished me and my brother went on the train and headed back home

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