Friday, July 4, 2014

Plant and fruit

Today we were lucky to have some scientist come to our school.
They came here to show some experiments, there were 3 people there names were lura Lara and Jacob. we had it in the street so we could just go next door.

After that they ask everyone if they knew what acid is and base, I didn't know what it was and no else did. They got out some cabbage juice it was purple they also pulled out vinegar and mrs muscle. When they mixed the cabbage juice and the vinegar together the cabbage juice won and it stayed the same colour. They did this to see what one has the most acid and base. The one with the most acid will take over and change colour but the cabbage juice stay the same colour.

Next they pull out dry ice and said that if you touch it with your hands it would probably burn it
thats why they used gloves. The man Jacob grab a handful of ice and put it in jug full of water it produced lots of gas. Next they put some bubbles into the water they ask us what's your hypothesis They put the dry ice into the water and it was like a volcano it was coming out for ages.

The last experiment was about solids It was cool they got some pva then put some water in it so it was watery. Next they show us a old cleaning product I forgot the name. After that they got the cleaning product and tip some of it into the pva. Next they they put some food colouring in it they put the colour green. When they put there hands in it, some gange  stuff came out It look cool and they even gave us some. It felt weird but It was still cool.

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  1. Hi Jayden, I enjoyed reading your recount of the scientists visit. The way you explained it made me feel like I was there too! Keep up the great writing :)
    Sharyn (Student teacher @ Canterbury University)