Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Immersion Assemble

Its 5th of may the first day of term 2, it hits 9:00 its time for the Immersion Assemble.
The assemble on the start of the term is different to all the other ones Because we have movies or a show from all teams. My team is team 5 because I'm a year 8.

The first team was team 1 they did a movie about the Zoo and what they did there.
At the the Zoo they were look around and looked at the equipment they use for the animal to keep them safe. Next they said tomorrow all of team 1 is going to the zoo and finding out what equipment they use for the animals and stuff so the animals can’t come out.

Team 2 was about flight and how planes and other things fly, what thing they use.
They had a big plane a small plane and pilot and a fury I thought it was weird.
But then the planes stopped and that's when the the fury used here wand to make the planes fly.

Team 3 one was about colours and happens when colours come together.
If colour went on white it would bounce away and if it went on black it would stay.

Team 4 was all about water and how heavy thing float on water and light things sink in water.
They we giving out chocolate fish for the people that can I answer their question.
I didn't answer any questions because I was too slow to put up my hand.

My team, team 5 was doing sound and they did a video about it.
They all hand instruments They had a big loud horn thing I liked that one.
The instrument they had made them their self from scraps.

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