Thursday, May 29, 2014

Science Road Show

                   Science Road Show

Today we got to go to the science road show at Tamaki College for $8.
I was excited to go there so I could see lots of new things and find lots of information.
It was 9:00 and it was time to head down to Tamaki college we had to miss Assemble because it was Friday and we went at 9:00 in the morning.

We got there and we had to go to Tamaki’s school hall, because that's where the show was.
A man from the Science Road Show came out and told us the rules before we went in
When we got inside we had to sit on down and watch the first show.

First they had lots of things to say and there were 2 gross thing that they talk about.They were talking about, poo and wee. They were teaching us what happens when when you eat something it goes to to your stomach and to your intestines, that's when the man pulled out intestines and said that's how long it is. He told us how it goes thru a small intestine and crushed the food and then the really big one and then it turns to poo or wee.

After that they told us that we can have a look around and look at some stuff.It was like an expo and I went and got my name done on  peace or plastic.There were lots of other stuff as well. It was time for the last show and we went and sat down. Unfortunately there was another school there so we had to sit on the left side.

They started the show and said that there were going to be some explosions.
First they came out with a plastic wall for safety and then a balloon and a little paper attached to it. second They told us to block our ears and then they lit the paper up “bang” it went. Then they said that we haven’t seen anything yet so they got a bigger balloon “bang” even louder I also felt the air push me back. Sadly that was the end and we had to go back to school.

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